Orpheus Party: Identity V - jgwyh32 - 第五人格 (2024)

Dear Ms. Alice DeRoss ,

It is my pleasure to invite you to a very special gathering located at Oletus Manor, in order to celebrate a very special occasion.

To further incentivise you to come, I will simply reiterate the gathering’s location: Oletus Manor.

I sincerely hope to see you here in one week’s time.

Baron DeRoss

-a filled out invitation template

“Here it is…Oletus Manor. My childhood home.”

Alice approaches the front gates of the mansion.

“I thought it was abandoned after the incident…it looks like the Baron has put a lot of work into fixing up the place. I’m sure Burke would be happy to know it hasn’t completely fallen apart.”

Passing through the front gates, Alice notes the decorations adorning the front entrance of the manor.

“Is there some kind of celebration?”

Approaching the front door, Alice is about to knock when they’re flung open.

“Welcome! Do you have an invitation?”

An unfamiliar woman with a cloak draped over her arm greets Alice.

Alice fumbles with her invitation and presents it to the woman.

“Wonderful! You’re our last guest to arrive! Please, come in and make yourself comfortable.”

The woman holds an arm out to invite Alice inside.

“Oh, thank you, miss…?”

“You can call me Sangria. Allow me to bring you to the ballroom, where everyone else is gathered.”

Sangria leads Alice up the stairs connecting the manor’s foyer to its second floor, then into the second floor ballroom. Numerous banquet tables topped with food and drink are spread throughout the ballroom, a number of other guests milling around. Various other people line the walls of the room, as if serving as staff.

Among them, a man that seems to be wearing an elk’s head, and another with strange mechanical prosthetics, seem familiar to Alice.

“Attention, everyone,” Sangria announces when she and Alice enter the ballroom.

“Our final guest has arrived. Our host will arrive shortly to begin the festivities.”

With that, Sangria takes her place between a masked man standing on stilts and a woman in a dress who Alice for some reason thinks has three eyes.

Looking around at the refreshments laid out, Alice locks her gaze on a truffle cake. Making her way over faster than she’d like to admit, she cuts herself a massive slice. Just as she’s about to start eating, the doors of the ballroom burst open.

“Welcome, one and all!”

Alice turns to see a man in a white suit and wearing a monocle has entered the ballroom.

“I am Baron DeRoss! But you may all call me Orpheus.”

Alice chokes on her truffle cake.

“Now, as for why you’re all here…”

Orpheus takes a deep breath.

“Dr. Dyer wants to cure Ms. Woods, Mr. Riley wants revenge on Dr. Dyer, Mr. Pierson wants his orphanage back, Ms. Woods wants revenge, Mr. Le Roy wants inspiration, Mr. Frank wants adventure, Mr. Subedar is looking for Mr. Murro, Ms. Behamfil is pretending to help look for a friend’s wife, Ms. Gilman is investigating the lakeside village, Ms. Reznik wants to learn about the manor’s machines, Mr. Ellis wants credit for inventing rugby, Ms. Adams wants tuition funds, Ms. Nair wants the recipe for her perfume, Mr. Ayuso is running away from his problems, Ms. Zelle wants money, Mr. Clark wants to regain his future sight, Mr. Carl thinks he’s returning someone else’s invitation, Mr. Campbell wants money, Ms. Dorval wants to sacrifice sinners, Mr. Murro wants to be with his ‘family’ again, Mr. Morton wants to know what happened to the Hullabaloo circus, Mr. Baden is looking for Mr. Xie’s umbrella, Ms. Bourbon is looking for her brother, Mr. Grantz is just doing what his invitation said to do, Mr. Kreiss is on the run from the police, Mr. Balsa is looking for the one who paid his bail, Ms. Plinius is searching for the sender of the bee species sample she received, Mr. Valden is also looking for inspiration, Mr. Gupta is looking for an escape from his abusers, Ms. Lester wants to get her toy shop back, Mr. Emil is just following Dr. Mesmer, Dr. Mesmer wants to cure Mr. Emil, Mr. Joker wants to be with Ms. Zelle, Dr. Diruse wants to find the reptile that bit him, Ms. Shiyi wants to find out where her friend went, Mr. Kreiburg wants his relative’s necklace, Mr. Holt wants a means to cope with his friend’s death, Ms. Barriere wants the debt owed to her grandfather, Mr. Czernin wants to know who keeps sending him copies of his puppet, Mr. Brand wants to see more ‘miracles’, Ms. Mora is looking for Ms. Behamfil, and Ms. DeRoss wants to know what’s going on at her childhood home.

Is that the gist of it?”

Orpheus glances around the ballroom at all the guests, who are stunned into silence.

“Wonderful! Then I’ll tell you why I’ve invited you all here. You see…”

Orpheus spreads his arms dramatically.

“It’s my birthday! And also Ms. Grace’s and Ms. Shiyi’s.”

Orpheus points to one of the staff, a young woman with grayish-blue skin and hair, who smiles and waves meekly, and one of the guests, a woman with straight, black hair who looks uncomfortable with the attention given to her.

“Now, what would I have you all do, you might be asking? Well, the answer is simple! My staff and I have created a number of fun games for you all to play! You’ll all have the opportunity to play them all, and whoever’s the overall winner will receive a grand prize! And not to worry, Lucky Guy here tested everyone’s games to make sure they’re all perfectly safe!”

Orpheus points to a young man wearing glasses, who was ushered into the room after him. He sways unsteadily on his feet, has puffy, red eyes, and drools slightly.

“I’m a-the superstar!” he slurs while waving an arm.

“Erm…Bane, could you escort him to his room, please?”

The man with the deer head slings the younger man onto his shoulder and carries him off.

“Haha…well, in any case…shall we begin, lady Yidhra?”

“Oh boy!”

A blindfolded woman who stood near Orpheus claps her hands with excitement.

“Let’s party!”

Holding her hands a short distance apart, a purple vortex appears between them. Before any of the guests can process what’s happening, they’re all sucked in.

Arms Factory

The arms factory that was abandoned after a huge fire. Strange footsteps can be heard coming from it at night.


Emma slowly opens her eyes to find she’s laying face-first in a field of dead grass. Rising to her feet, she finds she’s with three others: the doctor, Emily, who apparently wanted to treat her, the man, Freddy, who apparently wanted revenge on Emily, and the man, Kreacher, who wanted his orphanage back.

“Welcome to the Arms Factory!”

Emma jumps when Orpheus suddenly appears before the group.

“Let’s begin!”

Orpheus snaps his fingers. A decahedral dice appears in the air above Emma and hits her on the head.


Reaching down to pick up the dice, Emma finds the others have been given one as well.

“We’ll start by determining the turn order! Everyone, roll your dice! You’ll move in the order of the highest to lowest rolls!”

Realizing she doesn’t have much of a choice, Emma tosses her die with the others. Emma rolls a 3, Emily rolls a 7, Freddy rolls a 10, and Kreacher rolls a 5.

“Mr. Riley will go first, then Dr. Dyer, then Mr. Pierson, and last but not least, Ms. Woods! The rules of the Arms Factory board are simple! Once everyone has taken their turn, you’ll all participate in a minigame. Winning will award you with 10 Echoes. Once you reach the Essence space, you’ll be able to purchase an Essence for 20 Echoes. Whoever has the most Essences after 10 turns wins!

As for the spaces…”

Orpheus gestures to the various brightly-coloured circles lining the paths that lead through the area.

“Land on a blue space, and you’ll receive 3 Echoes! Land on a red space, and you’ll lose 3 Echoes. Land on a happening space…”

Orpheus points to the green space with a question mark.

“…and anything could happen! Pass by an item shop…”

Orpheus points to one of the phone booths scattered about.

“…and you can spend Echoes to purchase items to help you out! Land on a Muse space…”

Orpheus points to a black space with a white symbol on it.

“Well…you’ll just have to find out! Finally, to start you all off, here are 10 Echoes!”

Orpheus snaps his fingers again. A sealed envelope appears before Emma and the others.

“The first Essence will be located here!”

Orpheus somehow floats up into the air, then flies quite a distance away towards a large shack.

“Let’s begin!”

“This is stupid…”

Freddy throws his die, rolling a 1. He moves onto a blue space, crossing his arms as he gains 3 Echoes.

Emily goes next, rolling a 9. She moves into the nearby factory building, and lands on a happening space. Emma isn’t able to see what happens at first, until the entire building suddenly catches on fire. Emily runs out, clothing and hair smoldering, and loses half her Echoes in the process.

“You need luck and skill to win…” Emma thinks as Kreacher rolls a 4 and lands on a red space, causing him to lose 3 Echoes.

Emma rolls her dice and ends up moving 6 spaces to a blue space.

“Now that turn 1 is completed, it’s time for a minigame!” Orpheus announces.

“To determine what kind of minigame is chosen, I’ll look at the number of people who have landed on red and blue spaces. Anyone who lands on a space that isn’t red or blue will randomly have a color assigned to them. In this case, Dr. Dyer will be given blue…since there’s 3 people on blue spaces and 1 on red, we’ll do a 1 vs. 3 minigame! I think we’ll do…Leo’s Precious!”

Orpheus snaps his fingers, and everything goes dark for Emma.

Leo’s Precious (1 vs. 3)

The solo player must control the giant Leo puppet to catch the member of the 3-man team who holds his precious Gardener Doll within 60 seconds. The Leo puppet can hold one person in each hand. The team of 3 must work together by passing the Gardener Doll to another when they’re about to be grabbed by the Leo puppet.

When Emma can see again, she’s standing on a massive puppet theater stage with Emily and Freddy. She’s also holding a doll that resembles her.

Jumping at the sound of heavy footsteps, Emma turns to see a massive puppet being controlled by Kreacher approaching the stage. Without warning, one of the puppet’s arms reaches for Emma.


In a panic, Emma throws the doll to Emily right as she’s grabbed. Yelling as she’s lifted into the air, Emma watches as Emily passes the doll to Freddy as she’s also grabbed.

Yelling again as she’s released, Emma barely catches the doll Freddy passes her when he’s grabbed instead.

“Is this what the whole ‘party’ is going to be like?!” Emma thinks as she passes the doll back to Freddy as she’s once more grabbed by the giant puppet.

Sacred Heart Hospital

The hospital is an old abandoned warehouse that holds some surgical equipment and still some beds. It is said to be haunted by a strange evil in the dark.

“I don’t like this place…but I need another Essence, or else that girl…Tracy? Will win this round.”

Matthias casts his die, rolling a 7. Moving through the upper floor of the hospital, he lands on a happening space inside the main operating room.

“Now what…?”

Matthias flinches when the lights in the room begin flickering on and off, the various items in the room shaking violently. Turning to the source of a loud creaking noise, Matthias watches in horror as the cadaver on the operating table rises into a sitting position, and then turns to him.

“N-no…get away…!”

Matthias screams when the cadaver leaps off the operating table and begins chasing him.


Matthias runs out into the hallway of the hospital's second floor past Tracy, the blonde running with him as the cadaver continues to pursue them.

Without realizing it until too late, the two end up getting chased to a hole in the wall, tumbling out of the hospital to the ground below.

Panting heavily, the two look back up at the hole they fell from, where the cadaver waves at them, before disappearing from view.

“I hate this dumb game!” Tracy wails.

Robbie’s Hide and Seek (free for all)

Choose an object to disguise as, and avoid being discovered by Robbie for 120 seconds. If you’re found, try to run and don’t get caught! Anyone still standing when time is up wins.

“Hehehe…come out, come out, wherever you are!”

The boy with a sack for a head skips over to a conspicuous looking box. A box that almost seems to be sweating nervously.

“I found you~”

Raising his axe, Robbie swings it down on the box, revealing a blindfolded figure with a cowl covering his head.

A short distance away, Patricia, disguised as a garbage can, shivers as Eli is caught.

Blood running cold when Robbie advances on her hiding spot, Patricia relaxes ever so slightly when the boy abruptly changes targets. With only 20 seconds left, she manages to earn her 10 extra Echoes from the minigame.

Jack’s Blackjack (free for all)

Players are given a card whose value ranges from 1-10 every round. Given the option to use one of their pass, discard, and exchange cards, or decline using a special card, players try to last one round with a total of 21, or be the last one standing. Players are eliminated if their total exceeds 21 at the end of a round.

Edgar glances around nervously at Charles, Fiona and Mike as he stares at his cards. He only has an exchange card left, and his cards add up to 17. He could get eliminated any time.

Pressing his lips together, Edgar elects not to use his exchange card and hopes for the best.


Edgar flinches when the minigame’s host, a tall man in a suit, snaps his fingers, causing Mike to dissolve into black mist.

“Round 6~” Jack announces as he passes another card to the remaining players.

“Edgar has obtained Blackjack!”

Edgar glares at his card, feeling Charles and Fiona’s eyes on him. He knows they both still have their pass cards.

Using his exchange card on Fiona, Edgar’s heart sinks when his 4 is exchanged for a 7. And then it sinks further when Charles passes him an 8, and Fiona passes him a 10.

Edgar closes his eyes as he’s snapped out of existence and eliminated from the minigame.

The Red Church

There was once an unfinished wedding ceremony held here. It is said that you can find the bride’s unspoken oath under the tree at the church.

“Would you like to purchase an Essence?”

Vera holds out her hand.

“Of course.”

Smiling as she receives another of the mysterious orbs, raising her total to 3, Vera moves the remaining spaces allowed from her roll, ending her turn on one of the mysterious Muse spaces.

As soon as she stops moving, a raven appears above Vera’s head.

“What is-?”

Vera yelps when a monstrous, bird-like figure slams to the ground in front of her.

“I hope you’re having a wonderful time so far,” the figure greets.

The figure suddenly grabs Vera by the throat and lifts her into the air.

“But we’re just getting started!”

A swarm of feathers surrounds Vera and the figure, and when it disperses, they’re gone.

Vera awakens in a dark forest, strapped to a chair with thick ropes.

“Let’s see what’s in store for you…”

The figure who attacked Vera places a comically large roulette wheel in front of her and spins it. The wheel stops on a segment labeled “Nightmare Revolution”.

“Nightmare Revolution, eh? Well then…let’s see how many Essences you have…”

The figure puts a claw under Vera’s chin and somehow summons the 3 Essences she had.

“Combine them with the one Ms. Zelle has, and the one Dr. Mesmer has, and that makes 5 in total. Now to distribute them equally…”

The figure returns one of Vera’s Essences and makes the other two disappear.

“And I’ll keep the leftovers for myself! Hahah! How’s that for equality?”

The rockets attached to the chair Vera is secured to suddenly ignite, launching her into the sky. The chair explodes, and when Vera opens her eyes again, she’s back in the Red Church.

Alva’s Mysterious Challenge (free for all)

Score points by striking the mysterious ‘spirits’ with pumpkin bombs. Hitting the benevolent cats by accident will result in a penalty.

Victor carefully aims his pumpkin bomb and throws it at a ‘spirit’ wearing a golden cloak. Scowling when the spirit disappears right before getting hit, he takes another bomb and looks for another ghost to hit. Right as he throws it however, a cat walks into the bomb’s trajectory, resulting in it getting hit.

Victor yelps in surprise as the cat proceeds to attack him, preventing him from scoring any more points for a whole 10 seconds.

Philippe’s Nocturnal Escape (free for all)

Escape the maze within the time limit while avoiding traps. Anyone who escapes wins.

Joker stumbles forward while trying to wipe off the wax sprayed at him by the wax figures attacking him. Finally getting away, he’s suddenly attacked by a swarm of bats who corral him to another part of the maze. Accidentally knocking over a wooden pallet, he’s then attacked by a ghost swinging a giant piece of wax at him.

Finally able to get away from everything trying to attack him, Joker finds himself near the maze’s exit.

“Yes! I’m going to make it!”

Right as he’s in front of the exit, a pair of metal gates slam shut as time runs out.

“Oh come on!”

Lakeside Village

This used to be a small prosperous fishing village, but now the waves on the stony beach bring only the wreckage of the past.

“The rules of this board are slightly different! There is only one space that you can purchase Essence from, all the way on the large shipwreck. At first, it only costs 10 Echoes to buy one, but each time someone purchases one, the price changes. After 10 Echoes, it costs 20, then 30, and finally 40, before returning to 10 Echoes.”

“Finally…I’m here!”

Andrew looks a few spaces ahead along the shipwreck to where the Essence space is. There’s a simple wooden sign that reads ‘10 Echoes’ beside the space.

Andrew anxiously waits for his turn to roll the dice. Even though he was the closest to the Essence space, he had rolled a 1 at the start of the game, meaning he went last.

Looking towards the rest of the abandoned village, Andrew watches as Martha advances 6 spaces to land on a happening space.

Hearing a splash nearby, Andrew watches on in surprise as a large tentacle rises up beside the shipwreck and reaches towards the sign beside the Essence space. It removes it, then replaces it with another sign, reading ‘20 Echoes’.

“…T-the price changed early?!”

Andrew clenches his fists.

“That’s…fine…I still have 37 Echoes…”

Florian rolls next, only moving 1 space. He lands on the same space as Martha.


The tentacle once more changes the sign. It now reads ‘30 Echoes’.

Andrew can’t believe what space William lands on next.

“Th-the same one again?!”

Now with the Essence costing 40 Echoes, Andrew finally gets a roll. Having no choice but to pass by the Essence space, Andrew is fuming inside when Orpheus appears to greet him.

“Hello! Would you like to purchase an Essence? Oh my, it seems you don’t have enough Echoes…until next time!”

Andrew continues to fume as he reaches the end of the shipwreck and is thrown back to the start by another tentacle.

Hastur’s Frenzy Rhapsody (2 vs. 2)

Work with your teammate to score points by using balls to knock down your opponent. The first team to reach 5 points, or whichever team has the most points after 60 seconds wins.

“What are you doing you idiot?!”

Naib glares at Emil as the other man is struck by a ball.

“I-I’m trying!”

Naib growls in annoyance when Lily and Ganji throw balls at Emil in sync, preventing him from blocking both of them.


Hurling the ball in his hand as hard as he can, Naib is uncaring when Lily gets hit so hard she’s knocked a good 5 meters back.

“Take that you-!”

Naib gets struck down mid-sentence by a ball thrown at him by the giant tentacle in the center of the arena.

Grace’s Treasure Hunt (free for all)

Score points by collecting treasures that wash up on the shore. Be careful to avoid the tentacles that appear, and avoid staying in the water for too long. Getting struck by a tentacle or knocked down by the waves will cause you to lose points. Whoever has the most points after 10 waves wins.

“That’s mine!”

Jose grunts as Anne knocks him aside to swipe up the treasure chest that washed up nearby with the waves. Glancing around the beach, he finds Servais and Qi have gathered all the others already.

“Damn it…”

Jose looks down at his measly 2 treasures. Meanwhile, the others all have at least 15.

As another wave comes in, numerous tentacles sprout from the sand.

“Fine, screw decency!”

Ramming into Servais from behind, Jose knocks him into the path of a tentacle. Ignoring the other man’s cry of pain as he drops a number of his treasures when he’s struck, Jose manages to scoop up about 5 more before running out of the way of the next wave coming in. Servais is too slow in recovering, and ends up getting swept away with the wave, dropping the rest of his treasures.


Jose greedily scrounges up the rest of the treasures, now totalling 25.

“Aha! I’m definitely winning this one!” Jose gloats to a wet and grumpy Servais.

The minigame ends, and the four participants dump their treasures for the minigame’s host, Grace, to count. Jose proudly presents his hoard, smirking at Servais who has nothing. Jose looks at Anne’s pile, which seems to be slightly smaller than his, then drops his jaw upon seeing Qi’s cache.

Somehow, Qi managed to gather over 50 treasures.


Keigan’s Marine Exploration (free for all)

Collect 3 items from the trawling net. After each round, choose as many items as you’d like to discard, then trawl new items for the next round. Each item is worth a different amount of points. After 5 rounds, whoever has the most points from their final selection of items wins.

Aesop looks between the ammonite fossil, Reeve’s scallop, and royal bonnet snail he trawled.

“Fossils are the second lowest tier, and shellfish are third lowest…it’s better to try for something worth more.

Aesop glances at the person beside him, Kevin. Aesop frowns at the crab, lobster, and bobtail squid Kevin somehow caught. They were all part of the marine miscellanea tier, which were worth the second highest number of points.

Grumbling, Aesop tosses his fossil, scallop and snail overboard, then raises his trawling net once more.

“Sea lettuce…giant kelp…gulfweed,” Aesop identifies.

“All in the ‘plant’ tier, and worth the least amount of points,” Aesop mutters.


Aesop turns to Kevin with a frown. The cowboy trawled specimens of azurite, topaz, and pyrite. All part of the ‘mineral’ tier, and worth the most points.

Aesop once more tosses what he caught overboard while Kevin happily keeps his catch.

In the end, the best thing Aesop caught was another snail, and Kevin was the winner of the minigame.

Moonlit River Park

The place became a taboo subject for residents after a nightmarish gathering.

“This map also has special rules! You’ll take the southern bridge across the Moon River to reach the Essence space at the final roller coaster stop, and then the north bridge back around to the start! But, you can also use the happening spaces near the roller coaster for a shortcut! Keep in mind they only go one way though…”

“No! I don’t want to get on the roller coaster! It’s going away from the Essence space!”

Evelyn struggles as Violetta picks her up and drags her towards the roller coaster, depositing her into the front seat and strapping her in before sending her off down the tracks, back towards the start.


Violetta’s Pas de Deux (2 vs. 2)

Time your dance steps with your partner to score higher than the other team.



Murro flinches as he accidentally steps on Luchino’s foot for the umpteenth as the two attempt to dance.

“Just…try to keep the rhythm…”

Luchino mutters under his breath as Murro trips up once again.

Meanwhile, a short distance away, Luca and Kurt perform a perfectly flawless dance as if they've been practicing their whole life.

It’s obvious which pair wins the minigame.

Yidhra’s Chasing Shadows (free for all)

Avoid obstacles and use items to be the first to finish a race around the park.


Helena winces as a magnet is somehow attached to her side, resulting in her getting repelled into a wall.


Helena winces when a bottle of mud is thrown at her.


Helena winces when someone shoots a flare gun at her.


Helena winces when someone loops a lasso around her waist and pulls her back.


Helena winces when a tentacle smashes her into the pavement.


Helena winces when a pair of statues moving across the path crush her.

“I hate this game.”

Leo’s Memory

He never thought this would be his last snow.

Demi freezes up when a bird-like monster appears before her after she lands on a Muse space.

“I hope you’re having a wonderful time,” the figure greets.

The figure grabs Demi by the neck as the two disappear into a swarm of feathers.

“Let’s see what’s in store for you,” the figure taunts as he spins a roulette wheel.

The wheel lands on a segment labeled ‘Nightmare Minigame’.

“The fun never stops, eh?” the figure taunts as Demi struggles futilely to escape the rocket chair she’s secured to.

The figure tears the ropes with his claws and lifts Demi up by her neck.

“Here’s my game.”

The figure holds out his free hand, summoning a purple and gold card.

“Guess which one is the card for “Abyss”.”

Demi feebly points to the purple card.


The figure flips the two cards around. Sure enough, the gold one features the bird figure in a different costume, the word “Abyss” at the bottom, while the purple one features a different costume and the word ‘Piety’.

“As punishment I’ll take half…no, all of your Echoes.”

The figure takes a sealed envelope from Demi.

“Now, back to the game.”

The figure slams Demi back onto the rocket chair, sending her launching off into the sky.

Antonio’s Wishes Under the Night Sky (free for all)

Perform the steps in rhythm to earn points while avoiding snowballs.

Charles, Edgar, William and Helena awkwardly attempt to match Antonio’s movements as he skates around on a frozen pond while massive snowballs roll onto the ice.

“How do you people even come up with these things?!” Charles cries seconds before he’s struck by a snowball and frozen in a block of ice.

Sangria’s Deduction Star (1 vs. 3)

One player tries to prevent the other team from reaching the goal by sending cutouts to stall them. The solo player wins if no one reaches the goal within 60 seconds.


Ada grunts when a massive wooden cutout of Jack in a blue costume appears before her, resulting in her smashing into it at full speed as she tries to reach the end of the hallway.

“Oh come on, pay attention!” Vera spits as she runs past Ada, only to collide with a cutout of Michiko.

Making a face at the other woman as she recovers, Ada continues down the hall, watching as Evelyn runs ahead of them, weaving around the cutouts with grace and poise. Meanwhile, at the end of the hallway, Kreacher gestures animatedly as he summons more cutouts to stall the women.

When Evelyn is about to reach the end, Kreacher begins yelling as he flails his arms wildly, summoning a wave of Joseph cutouts to push Evelyn back.

Suffice it to say, Kreacher won that minigame.

Eversleeping Town

With the arrival of strange visitors, unimaginable events are happening in this town.

“Time for another board with unique rules! On this board, everyone starts with 5 Essences. As you’ll notice, most of the spaces are along the tram tracks. At the end of each turn, and if someone lands on certain happening spaces, the tram will move to the next stop. Anyone struck by the tram will lose one Essence, and any lost Essences will be sent to the town’s graveyard. Anyone who reaches it will then obtain all the lost Essences!”

“Maybe this time I won’t lose all my Essence by landing on a stupid Muse space,” Demi mutters as she rolls her die.

Moving her allotted 4 spaces, she finds herself landing on a happening space.

“Great, now what’s gonna-”

Demi can barely finish her sentence when she’s bowled over by the town’s tram.

The very next turn, Eli passes the town’s graveyard and takes the Essence she lost.

“Damn this game!”

Michiko’s Dancing in Misery (free for all)

Michiko slowly approaches! Whoever waits the longest before stopping her by turning to stare at her wins. Be careful not to wait too long, though.

Emily shivers as she senses the geisha’s monstrous form approaching. Her body beginning to tremble as she clutches her flashlight tighter, she hears the sound of the geisha’s claws scraping the walls of the alley growing louder and louder.

“Sakura, sakura, yayoi no sora wa~”

Emily’s blood runs cold as Michiko’s hauntingly beautiful singing seems to be sounding both near and far at once, the sound of her claws growing louder and louder.

Suddenly, Emily snaps.


Whirling around, Emily turns on her flashlight and shines it down the alleyway. She ends up illuminating the geisha, who was less than a meter away and poised to strike.


Michiko flails her arm in panic, then composes herself.

“57 centimeters! That’s a new record! Congratulations!”

Michiko looks down to find Emily has fainted from shock.


Joseph’s Gallery (free for all)

By taking only 3 photos, capture the most number of subjects total to win.

“And finished! Let’s take a look at your photos!”

Luca begrudgingly turns over his photographs to Joseph.

“Let’s see…this one is…a close-up of Jack’s face. 1 point.

This is…half of the wheel on Galatea’s wheelchair? 0 points!

And…the inside of Mary’s mouth. How’d you even get this?! 1 point.”

Luca frowns as he’s given only 2 points in total.

“Now for monsieur Mike…oh cute, Bi’an and Wujiu posing together. 3 points.

Then, Hastur, Yidhra, Grace, Ithaqua and Ivy all having a wonderful time together! 10 points!

And, why, what a flattering photo of moi ! 15 points!”

Luca makes a face at Mike, who cheers at his 28 points.


In the quiet streets, under flickering red lights, there remains no place for those feelings to call home.

“This board also has special rules! There are a number of landmarks you have the option of investing Echoes into. Whoever invests the most Echoes receives that landmark’s Essences; investing more than the current top investor will result in the appropriate number of Essences being transferred to you! Spread your wealth around equally!”

“I’ve got 50 Echoes…I should be able to invest them all into a couple of landmarks to get more Essences.”

Freddy rolls his die, cheering internally when he gets a 10.

“Alright…I’ll try the hotel first.

Choosing the appropriate direction from the branching path, Freddy stops in front of the hotel.

“I’d like to invest…” he begins when Orpheus appears.

Freddy pauses when he sees the sign listing how many Echoes had been invested into the building.

Tracy - 60 Echoes

Kevin - 24 Echoes

Ganji - 20 Echoes

Freddy - 0 Echoes

“What?! 60 Echoes!”

Freddy makes a face.

“Fine, I’ll skip this place for now.”

Freddy moves on to another shop.

Tracy - 75 Echoes

Ganji - 17 Echoes

Kevin - 16 Echoes

Freddy - 0 Echoes


Freddy continues to the large tree in the center of the town.

“Alright, well, I guess I’ll just save up to invest more into this place, then…”

Freddy pauses when he checks the sign for the tree.

Tracy - 107 Echoes

Freddy - 30 Echoes

Ganji - 11 Echoes

Kevin - 10 Echoes


Bonbon’s Hot Pot Delivery (2 vs. 2)

Work with your teammate to deliver more orders than the other team.

“Bacon Omelette, Orange Juice, Canned Stew, Brownie!”

Patricia balances 2 of the plates of food on her arms, then takes the remaining one from Murro and holds it in one hand and the glass of juice in her other. Running from the serving hatch back out into the restaurant, Patricia weaves around the inconveniently placed obstacles and turns in the order to Bonbon.

“Paella, Grilled Corn, Charcuterie Board, Fish Balls in Sauce, Coffee!” Bonbon shouts at Patricia.

Panting, Patricia runs back to the kitchen to give Murro the next order.

“What kind of party is this?!”

Bi’an’s Sea Land (free for all)

Catch fish by throwing marbles at them. Whoever catches the most fish wins.

Martha looks at the marble in her hand, and then at the fish swimming by in the river.

With a yell, she hurls the marble with all her might, striking a fish between the eyes.

The fish promptly swims away.

“Wha-? How are we supposed to catch them like this?!” Martha demands of Bi’an.

The man shrugs at her.

“I don’t know, that other young man was able to catch them just fine when he tested out my game,” Bi’an replies casually.

“Although come to think of it, he did need about 10 marbles to catch one fish…”

Martha mentally screams as she begins frantically chucking marbles at every fish she sees.

Wujiu’s Sliding Tile Puzzle (free for all)

Be the first to solve the sliding tile puzzle to win.

Joker squints at his sliding tile puzzle.

“If I move this piece…then I can move that one…and then that one goes to where it’s supposed to be…but then this piece is in the wrong place…and to get it in its right place I have to move that one…but then that one is in the wrong place! And the only way I can get them both in the right place is if…aaaagggh!!”

Joker smashes his puzzle in frustration.


White Sand Street Asylum

The dust-ridden building is open to welcome the public again, but it is not the truth that awaits them there.

“Once again, there are unique rules for this board! It’s divided into distinct sections. Each round, which paths leading to each section are open and which are closed off is randomized! Your goal is to eventually reach the back entrance of the asylum, where the Essence space is located. Once someone obtains the Essence, everyone is sent back to the start, and the layout is randomized once again!”

Servais taps his foot with annoyance as he waits for his turn. Glancing down the hallway, he spots Margaretha approaching after rolling her die. She lands on a happening space adjacent to the one he was standing on.

Servais flinches when a door opens up beside Margaretha, revealing a room with an operating table and a strange machine hooked up beside it.

“Time for your treatment…” an ominous voice announces.

Margaretha is pulled into the room by an invisible force, and the door slams shut.

Servais glances around nervously when Margaretha begins screaming. The door suddenly opens again, and Margaretha is flung back into the hallway, her whole body burnt, as she loses half her Echoes. The door slams shut, as if nothing happened.

“What on earth happened in this place…?”

Ann’s Tent Artwork (2 vs. 2)

Work with your teammate to gather the right materials to create each piece of artwork.

“Jade…jade…I need jade…!”

Matthias digs through the sand on his hands and knees, using the back of his hand to wipe away the sweat from his forehead.


Grabbing the green stone, Matthias runs back to the tent where his partner, Andrew, waits with a carving knife.

Glancing at the instruction booklet the two were given, Matthias identifies their materials as those needed to create a wine glass.

Matthias looks between the chunk of jade and the knife.

“How are we supposed to turn these into a wine glass?!” Matthias demands as he turns to Ann, who sits in the shade of the tent.

Ann shrugs her shoulders while chirping like the cat she pets on her lap.

Galatea’s Stormy Manor Investigation (1 vs. 3)

One player creates disturbances in the manor to prevent the team of three from finding the victim hidden somewhere inside. The solo player wins if the team of three can’t locate the victim within 120 seconds.

Florian laughs giddily to himself as he points to the monitor showing him views of the entire estate the minigame takes place in.

“And then that window breaks, and then the dumbwaiter malfunctions, and…ooh! The candlestick tips over and lights the hallway on fire! I like that one! And then the servant gets poisoned, and the key breaks for the lock, this game is so fun!”

Florian delights in the countless misfortunes Jose, Naib and Emil are faced with as they struggle to reach their goal in the center of the estate.

Golden Cave

Despite that not a single piece of gold was ever found, Count Barriere still got what he wanted with this land.

“Are you ready for another unique ruleset? This map is mostly a single path going from the start outside the mine, to the deepest part of the mine, where the Essence splurge space is. As long as you have enough Echoes, you can buy as many as you’d like!”

Victor begins to sweat when he lands on a happening space right in front of the Essence splurge space.

“Hopefully I won’t lose any Echoes…or at least, not too many.”

Victor jumps when a ghoul of some kind lumbers over to him, then hurls a chunk of mineral ore at his head, causing him to lose 10 Echoes.

Then, a giant ant runs up to Victor and bites him, causing him to lose a further 10 Echoes.

Finally, a minecart rumbles down the tracks Victor stands on and strikes him, causing him to lose 10 more Echoes.

Victor is speechless as his Echo count goes from 30 to 0 in less than 10 seconds.

Ithaqua’s Chess Battle (free for all)

Each player receives a number of pieces, which each have their own score. Each round, players play a single piece. Whoever’s piece was of the highest value gets a point, and everyone discards the piece they played afterwards. The first to earn 3 points wins.

“If I play my King, I’ll be guaranteed to get a point, but then I’ll be helpless if everyone else saves theirs! But if I play a Bishop or Knight, then I might still lose out if someone plays their King! And if I play a Rook or Pawn, I’ll definitely lose! Oh, but what if someone else plays a low piece just to bait out me playing a high piece?!”

While Qi stresses herself out attempting to make the most optimal move, the others playing the minigame play their pieces without a second thought. In the end, that was the right move; Qi still lost.

Percy’s Golden Cave Race (2 vs. 2)

Race with your teammate against the other team, being careful not to fall off the track and to avoid the giant ants and ghouls.

“Hey, not so fast!”

Luchino grips the handcar’s arm tighter as Aesop pumps it up and down like crazy.

“Careful around the turns, our else-”

Luchino screams when the handcar goes flying off the rails as it makes a turn, resulting in him and Aesop smashing into a wall of the cave.

Kreiburg Racecourse

The once bustling event was buried with the legends of “The White Steed of Death” in the haystacks of time.

“You’ve guessed it, another unique set of rules for this board! As you can see, the racecourse is split into three sections. To move on, you need to land on one of the many happening spaces and ride a horse to the next section. Furthermore, instead of an Essence space, there are three Treasure spaces. Opening a treasure costs 10 Echoes. There are one of three outcomes: you’ll obtain an Essence, you’ll earn 10 Echoes, or you’ll summon the ghost of Cyanus, the White Steed of Death, who will send you back to the start! The treasure’s locations will be reset when someone obtains the Essence.”

Lily cheers silently when she lands on a Treasure space.

“Would you like to open the treasure for 10 Echoes?” Orpheus asks as he appears before Lily.


Orpheus holds the treasure chest open for Lily.


Lily yells in surprise when a ghost horse suddenly leaps out of the chest. Grabbing the front of her jersey in its mouth, it flings her into the air, then kicks her with its back hooves to send her flying back to the start, where she faceplants into the dirt.

The Will Brothers’ Fireflies in the Forest (free for all)

Whoever catches the most fireflies wins.

“Those are mine!!”

Anne wacks Emma aside with her bug net to catch the fireflies that flew in front of the other woman.

“So mean! Emma’s going to win this!”

Emma similarly hits Anne as she swings her net around.

“No! I’m going to win!”

The two women continually attempt to sabotage the other until the minigame ends.

“This game’s…” one of the Will Brothers begins.

“…winner is…” another of the triplets continues.

Anne and Emma leer at each other.


Anne and Emma gawk at each other as Fiona cheers beside them.

Mary’s White Steed’s Regrets (free for all)

Collect cornflowers along the track while avoiding various obstacles along the way. Whoever has the most cornflowers after 60 seconds wins.

“When I told myself I’d do anything to regain my honor as a Kreiburg…”

Frederick yanks on his horse’s reins to guide it along the track, avoiding show jumping fences and other obstacles on the course and collecting the inexplicably floating cornflower blossoms. He has a momentary panic attack when a ghost horse suddenly appears and charges him, and then panics again when Mary suddenly attempts to ram him from behind while riding her own carriage.

“…this isn’t what I had in mind.”


The forest was destroyed in a raging inferno. No one has ever seen the forest keeper since then.

“…oh, these are the bad spaces you’re not supposed to land on!” Kurt comments as he ends his turn on a Muse space.

“I wonder what-”

“I hope you’re having a wonderful time.”

“I am, actual-”

Kurt is cut off when the bird-like figure that appeared suddenly grabs him by the neck. The two disappear into a swarm of feathers.

Kurt gasps when he’s slammed onto a chair by the figure and tied down with thick ropes.

“Will you still be saying that after I’m through with you?”

The figure spins a roulette wheel that’s appeared in front of Kurt. It lands on a segment titled ‘Nightmare Charity’.

“Well, well, well…today’s your lucky day. You’ll be giving…”

The figure poses dramatically.

“All of your Essences…to the player in last place!”

The figure is about to strike Kurt when he suddenly freezes.

“Wait…YOU’RE in last place!”

“Ahaha…that’s right…” Kurt says awkwardly.

“Hmph. Fine. Take this from me then.”

The figure hands Kurt an Essence.

“Oh! Why thank you!”

“Just get out of my sight.”

With a wave of his hand, the figure sends Kurt back to the board.

Burke’s Orfeo’s Game (1 vs. 3)

The single player takes on the identity of one of three Underworld-aligned characters, while the team of three takes on the roles of Earth-aligned characters. Every night, the Underworld player chooses one Earth character to eliminate, and every day, all remaining players vote for a character to eliminate. The single player wins if every Earth-aligned player is eliminated, and the team of three wins if the Underworld-aligned player is eliminated.

“I hate this game.”

Melly sulks in a corner of the room. She was eliminated during the first night, so she literally couldn’t do anything the whole minigame.

Bane’s “Her” Game (1 vs. 3)

The single player uses the Little Girl’s favorite doll to lure her around the Darkwoods, while the team of three attempts to locate her. The single player wins if the Little Girl remains uncaught for 60 seconds.

“C’mon, faster!”

Norton dashes through the forest, dropping the girl’s dolls behind him as he goes. Glancing over his shoulder, he finds that while the girl is right behind him, the other players in the minigame are closing in.

“C’mon…just 10 more seconds…!”

Using another doll, Norton just barely lures the girl out of the other players’ grasps when the minigame ends..


Ivy’s Visions of Horror (free for all)

Avoid the illusions that have appeared after being affected by the mysterious drug, and be the first to reach the antidote.


Alice ducks as she runs through the manor’s hallways, avoiding the pickaxe the rock monster swings at her.


Pressing herself against a wall, Alice manages to dodge the clown monster charging past her with a chainsaw.

“Come…let me show you the truth of human evolution!”

Ducking again, Alice dashes past the lizard monster as he swings a kukri at her.


Alice dives for the bottle resting on a pedestal at the end of the hallway. Opening it, she drinks its contents. The illusions fade instantly.

“37 seconds, a new record!”

Alice turns to see Ivy clapping for her as she catches her breath.


“…and here are the remaining guests!”

Orpheus gestures to the portal Yidhra maintains as Alice and a few others tumble out.

“With that, this year’s round of festivities are almost done! But before I can announce a winner, I have a few bonus rewards to give out!”

Orpheus spreads his arms, summoning a number of Essences.

“The first, the Minigame Essence! It is awarded to the guest who won the most minigames! It goes to…Kurt!”

The bearded man cheers enthusiastically while a few others clap politely as he receives the Essence.

“Next, the Echoes Essence! It is awarded to the guest who accumulated the highest number of Echoes at any given point! It goes to…Norton!”

“For all the good it did for me…” Norton mutters as he receives the Essence.

“Next, the Happening Essence! It is awarded to the guest who landed on the most happening spaces! It goes to…Demi!”

“I’m still traumatized from the tram…” Demi mumbles as she receives the Essence.

“Next, the Item Essence! It is awarded to the guest who used the most items! It goes to…Anne!”

“I knew buying all those flare guns would pay off!” Anne insists as she receives the Essence.

“Next, the Red Essence! It is awarded to the guest who landed on the most red spaces! It goes to…Freddy!”

“How’s it feel to go bankrupt now, Mr. Riley?” Emma taunts as Freddy receives the Essence. The lawyer makes a face in response.

“Next, the Running Essence! It is awarded to the guest who traveled the most spaces! It goes to…William!”

“Thanks!” William says cheerfully as he receives the Essence.

“And lastly, the Muse Essence! It is awarded to the guest who landed on the most Mise spaces! It goes to…Vera!”

Vera mutters under her breath as she receives the Essence.

“And now, the results! The four guests with the highest number of Essences…”

Orpheus snaps his fingers. Without warning, the other minigame hosts tie balloons around the waists of all but four guests, causing them to float into the air. The remaining four are ushered towards the center of the ballroom.

“Mr. Campbell, Ms. Plinius, Mr. Kreiburg, and Ms. DeRoss!”

Orpheus turns to Yidhra.

“And now, one final game for our winners…”

Yidhra nods and creates another portal.

Orpheus takes out a familiar mask and puts it on.

“Wait…the guy who showed up whenever we landed on a Muse space…that was you?!”

The Nightmare chuckles.

“Indeed…to be honest, I’m surprised no one realized sooner. Oh well. The final game is about to begin.”

Orpheus grabs Norton, Melly, Frederick and Alice and hurls them into the portal, then dives in after them.

Orpheus’ Carnival Games (team)

Work with your teammates to complete 5 cipher machines in order to access the password to open one of the arena’s exit gates. Avoid being caught by the Hunter, and rescue those that have been caught. All four participants must escape to be victorious.


Melly - Contain

Abilities: Entomologist, Thief, Magician, Perfumer, Enchantress, Acrobat, Painter, Toy Merchant, Weeping Clown, Professor, Antiquarian, Fire Investigator

Norton - Assist

Abilities: Prospector, Doctor, Gardener, Priestess, Cowboy, Female Dancer, Seer, Embalmer, Barmaid, Postman, “Psychologist”, Cheerleader

Alice - Rescue

Abilities: Journalist, Mercenary, Coordinator, Forward, Wildling, First Officer, Grave Keeper, Batter, Patient, Aeroplanist, Puppeteer

Frederick - Decode

Abilities: Composer, Lawyer, Explorer, Mechanic, The Mind’s Eye, “Prisoner”, “Faro Lady”

Frederick sighs deeply when he awakens in the Darkwoods.

“Well…let’s get this over with.”

Frederick holds out a hand and summons a cane. He slams it into the ground, the sound of it striking the earth echoing for a few seconds, followed by the cane disappearing from his grasp.

Frederick’s Abilities:

Composer - 1/1

Lawyer - 1/1

Explorer - 1/1

Mechanic - 1/1

The Mind’s Eye - 0/1

“Prisoner” - 1/1

“Faro Lady” - 1/1

“Let’s see how you fare against my specimens…”

Melly holds out a hand, summoning a bug net. Waving it a few times, she gathers a swarm of insects, and directs them to mob the Hunter advancing on her. Running off, she notes the insect net disappearing from her grasp.

Melly’s Abilities:

Entomologist - 0/1

Thief - 1/1

Magician - 1/1

Perfumer - 1/1

Enchantress - 1/1

Acrobat - 1/1

Painter - 1/1

Toy Merchant - 1/1

Weeping Clown - 1/1

Professor - 1/1

Antiquarian - 1/1

Fire Investigator - 1/1


Alice looks up from the code she was deciphering to see Norton running over to her.

“Here…it’ll help you with the machine.”

Norton holds out a hand, summoning a music box. Winding it up, he puts it on the ground beside Alice.

“Oh! Thank you, Mr. Campbell.”

Norton nods.

“We all have to escape to win, so…”

Norton turns and runs off without another word.

Norton’s Abilities:

Prospector - 1/1

Doctor - 1/1

Gardener - 1/1

Priestess - 1/1

Cowboy - 1/1

Female Dancer - 0/1

Seer - 1/1

Embalmer - 1/1

Barmaid - 1/1

Postman - 1/1

“Psychologist” - 1/1

Cheerleader - 1/1


Melly watches the Hunter flail his arms as he’s blinded with the flashlight in her hand.

“Hm…we all seem to have our own ‘ability’…he was prepared for the possibility of any of us winning…” Melly thinks as she summons a canvas and paintbrush.

Painting a portrait of the Hunter, Melly somehow spawns an easel to place the painting on, then runs off a short distance. Summoning a toy catapult, Melly launches herself off of it, then glides away with a toy hang glider.

Melly’s Abilities:

Entomologist - 0/1

Thief - 0/1

Magician - 1/1

Perfumer - 1/1

Enchantress - 1/1

Acrobat - 1/1

Painter - 0/1

Toy Merchant - 0/1

Weeping Clown - 1/1

Professor - 1/1

Antiquarian - 1/1

Fire Investigator - 1/1

“I should be deciphering those machines, but…agh! I have to help her if I want to win!”

Norton holds out a hand, summoning an envelope. A bulldog also appears at his feet, somehow.

“Take this to the aristocrat,” Norton tells the dog as he hands it the letter. The dog barks, then runs off.

“Let’s hope this works…”

Norton begins waving his arm around his head in circular motions, summoning a lasso into his grip. Carefully aiming as he watches Melly run from the Hunter in the distance, he manages to wrap the rope around Melly’s waist and pull her onto his shoulder.


“Just…tryin’ to help.”

Norton sets Melly down on the ground.

“I’m gonna regret this…”

Norton holds out his hands, cheerleading pompoms appear on them.

“You can do it! We’re all counting on you!” Norton cheers with as much enthusiasm as he can muster as he runs alongside Melly. Though her face is covered, Norton can somehow see her bewildered expression.

“So those are the kind of abilities you were given,” is all Melly has to say as she summons a monkey skull.

Raising it when the Hunter draws near, Melly somehow makes the skull’s eye sockets glow, which somehow causes the Hunter to double over in pain.

Melly’s Abilities:

Entomologist - 0/1

Thief - 0/1

Magician - 1/1

Perfumer - 1/1

Enchantress - 0/1

Acrobat - 1/1

Painter - 0/1

Toy Merchant - 0/1

Weeping Clown - 1/1

Professor - 1/1

Antiquarian - 1/1

Fire Investigator - 1/1

Norton’s Abilities:

Prospector - 1/1

Doctor - 1/1

Gardener - 1/1

Priestess - 1/1

Cowboy - 0/1

Female Dancer - 0/1

Seer - 1/1

Embalmer - 1/1

Barmaid - 1/1

Postman - 0/1

“Psychologist” - 1/1

Cheerleader - 0/1

“Well, at least they’re…staying away from me.”

Frederick stares at the map, which somehow gives him the current locations of the Hunter and his teammates.

“If I use this…”

Summoning a hardcover book into his hands, Frederick reads its contents, somehow shrinking himself to be only a few inches tall. Digging through the dirt nearby, he uncovers a piece of paper with partial instructions on how to quickly decode the cipher machines.

“Then, if I set up a connection…”

Allowing the book to fade from his grasp, Frederick summons a strange mechanical device with a lightbulb and sets it on the ground after fiddling with it.

“…I can help the journalist quickly finish her deciphering…somehow.”

Frederick’s Abilities:

Composer - 1/1

Lawyer - 0/1

Explorer - 0/1

Mechanic - 1/1

The Mind’s Eye - 0/1

“Prisoner” - 0/1

“Faro Lady” - 1/1

“Here, drink this.”

After managing to repel the Hunter with a magnet, Norton hands Melly a bottle of wine.

“It’ll heal you, somehow.”

Watching the entomologist somehow drink the wine through her gauze hat, Norton then summons an owl onto his shoulder. Sneaking off as the Hunter continues to focus on Melly, Norton then whistles to the owl, commanding it to block an attack for Melly.

Melly meanwhile, uses a magician’s wand to temporarily turn herself invisible after Norton’s owl blocked an attack, then leaps over a fallen log while throwing a fire bomb at the Hunter, rolling with the grace of an acrobat as she lands. Now fully healed from the wine, she uses a bottle of perfume to spray the Hunter, then runs off using a rocket she spawned from…somewhere.

“Did that guy want us to win?” Norton thinks to himself.

Melly’s Abilities:

Entomologist - 0/1

Thief - 0/1

Magician - 0/1

Perfumer - 0/1

Enchantress - 0/1

Acrobat - 0/1

Painter - 0/1

Toy Merchant - 0/1

Weeping Clown - 0/1

Professor - 1/1

Antiquarian - 1/1

Fire Investigator - 1/1

Norton’s Abilities:

Prospector - 0/1

Doctor - 1/1

Gardener - 1/1

Priestess - 1/1

Cowboy - 0/1

Female Dancer - 0/1

Seer - 0/1

Embalmer - 1/1

Barmaid - 0/1

Postman - 0/1

“Psychologist” - 1/1

Cheerleader - 0/1

Alice jumps mid-decoding when she hears Melly scream nearby.

“Was Ms. Plinius caught?”

Abandoning her cipher machine, Alice summons a branch with an apple on a stick into her left hand and whistles. Summoning a wild boar from…somewhere, Alice jumps onto the animal and begins riding it towards where she heard Melly.

Arriving at the rocket chair Melly was attached to, Alice jumps off her boar right as the Hunter approaches. Summoning a puppet control bar, Alice transforms into a wooden puppet and stiffens her joints right as the Hunter attacks her, effectively allowing her to block the attack. Reverting back to a human, Alice summons a flare gun and shoots the hunter in the face. Summoning a camera next, Alice creates the illusion of her childhood friend to rescue Melly, then summons a cricket bat and ball to knock the Hunter away while Melly gets away.

“Hope that wasn’t overkill…” Alice thinks to herself as she uses a grappling hook to launch herself away from the Hunter.

Alice’s Abilities:

Journalist - 0/1

Mercenary - 1/1

Coordinator - 0/1

Forward - 1/1

Wildling - 0/1

First Officer - 1/1

Grave Keeper - 1/1

Batter - 0/1

Patient - 0/1

Aeroplanist - 1/1

Puppeteer - 0/1

“Guess someone rescued her…”

Norton steps away from the cipher machine Alice had started working on and summons a whistle. Closing his eyes as he blows, he waits as somehow, his empathizing with Melly’s pain actually transfers her injuries to himself.

Summoning a syringe next, Norton injects himself with the syringe’s contents, curing the new injuries he had transferred from Melly.

“…this game is weird.”

Norton’s Abilities:

Prospector - 0/1

Doctor - 0/1

Gardener - 1/1

Priestess - 1/1

Cowboy - 0/1

Female Dancer - 0/1

Seer - 0/1

Embalmer - 1/1

Barmaid - 0/1

Postman - 0/1

“Psychologist” - 0/1

Cheerleader - 0/1

Frederick pants as he strikes a tuning fork with the accompanying mallet.

“Did he realize I’m more of a threat with how fast I was deciphering those machines?”

Frederick glances over at the destroyed mechanical doll a short distance away. He was making good progress, until suddenly, the Hunter teleported to his location from a raven that was flying overhead. He was lucky that the doll got destroyed instead, allowing him a head start.

The effects of his tuning fork wearing off, Frederick summons a cane as he turns invisible, leaving behind a strange powder. Waving the cane, Frederick creates a fake trail of powder, successfully fooling the Hunter as he gets away.

Frederick’s Abilities:

Composer - 0/1

Lawyer - 0/1

Explorer - 0/1

Mechanic - 0/1

The Mind’s Eye - 0/1

“Prisoner” - 0/1

“Faro Lady” - 0/1

Alice yelps as she narrowly avoids the Hunter’s attack. She had already used a strange pocket watch to hypnotize him, but it seemed to have little effect.

Summoning a shovel, Alice begins to burrow underground, but is struck just as she disappears beneath the surface.

Rising back above ground with a gasp, Alice summons a pair of elbow pads over her arms and shoves off a nearby tree, dashing a significant distance away. Summoning a jetpack next, Alice rockets herself even further away, but the Hunter somehow teleports to a raven that was flying beside her, instantly catching up to her.

“I hope the others are almost done with the cipher machines…” Alice thinks as she uses a rugby ball to inexplicably dash away even faster.

Alice’s Abilities:

Journalist - 0/1

Mercenary - 0/1

Coordinator - 0/1

Forward - 0/1

Wildling - 0/1

First Officer - 0/1

Grave Keeper - 0/1

Batter - 0/1

Patient - 0/1

Aeroplanist - 0/1

Puppeteer - 0/1

“C’mon…make it in time!”

Summoning a toolbox into his hand, Norton runs towards the rocket chair the Hunter is about to tie Alice to.

Pulling out a hammer from the toolbox, Norton manages to damage the chair slightly, before running off as the Hunter attempts to strike him.

“Your efforts are in vain, Mr. Campbell,” the Hunter taunts.

“Any little bit counts,” Norton replies, as the toolbox disappears from his hand.

The Hunter doesn’t respond as he ties Alice to the chair. As soon as she’s secured though, her body begins melting into a black sludge.


“Guess this thing really came in handy after all,” Norton comments as he holds up a makeup kit.

“And if things are going according to plan…”

A loud siren rings throughout the forest.

“Kreiburg just finished that last cipher machine. The coffin I summoned was right by the exit gate, so DeRoss is definitely on her way to opening it,” Norton comments.

“You haven’t won yet,” the Hunter growls as he advances on Norton, claws barred.

“All participants must escape for you to win.”

“Yeah, I’m not worried about that.”

Right as the Hunter attempts to strike Norton, something lands in between them.


The airbag rapidly inflates, knocking back the Hunter. Melly dashes at him, summoning a bamboo flute, and strikes him a number of times with it.

“C’mon, work this time…”

Norton summons a strange disc and holds it against a nearby rock. A portal begins to form on its surface.


Meanwhile, Melly had summoned a pipette, allowing her to grow hard reptilian scales to block the Hunter’s attack.


Norton and Melly flip the Hunter off as they disappear into the portal, emerging at the exit gates to freedom, where Alice and Frederick await them.

“Let’s get out of here.”

Melly’s Abilities:

Entomologist - 0/1

Thief - 0/1

Magician - 0/1

Perfumer - 0/1

Enchantress - 0/1

Acrobat - 0/1

Painter - 0/1

Toy Merchant - 0/1

Weeping Clown - 0/1

Professor - 0/1

Antiquarian - 0/1

Fire Investigator - 0/1

Norton’s Abilities:

Prospector - 0/1

Doctor - 0/1

Gardener - 0/1

Priestess - 0/1

Cowboy - 0/1

Female Dancer - 0/1

Seer - 0/1

Embalmer - 0/1

Barmaid - 0/1

Postman - 0/1

“Psychologist” - 0/1

Cheerleader - 0/1

Match results: Victory, 4/4 survivor(s) escaped.

Alice, Norton, Melly and Frederick emerge from a portal, victorious. A moment later, Orpheus follows, back in his usual appearance.

“Congratulations to our winners!” Orpheus says amicably.

“But in a broader sense, you’re all winners today!”

Alice and the other guests look at each other in confusion.


“You’ve all gained the wonderful talents of bravery, friendliness, persistence and tranquility! That is the true gift I had to offer to you all!”


“We were literally competing against each other the entire time!”

“What about that other stuff you promised us?!”

“I just wanted to return the letter…”

“Where’s Sam?!”

“Why do you keep sending me replicas of Louis?!”

“I thought I’d get inspiration here…”

“Where’s all the cool machines?”

“So uh…are you still going to help me get credit for rugby?”


Orpheus transforms into the Nightmare and screams with a deafening voice to silence the guests.

“Ahem…of course, I’ll still give you compensation, but the goal of all of this was to foster a sense of teamwork and camaraderie between you all…that’s truly not what you felt after participating in all of our games today?”

Orpheus looks between the guests, who all shake their heads at him.

“That’s not the feeling I got when we tested our games…I blame you, Jack.”


The ballroom devolves into chaos as the guests and staff clamor for an apology, or attention, or something from Orpheus.

In the end, we were only given monetary compensation from Mr. Orpheus. Well, for the most part. He mentioned he’d also support Dr. Dyer’s medical treatment of Ms. Woods, and he’d settle Ms. Mora’s debts beyond her payment, and he’d stop sending Mr. Czernin replicas of his puppets, to name a few of the other things he could offer.

As for how he got such extraordinary sums of money…something about Yidhra summoning it from the ‘dreamlands’ in exchange for allowing her to participate in his games, as they were such a wonderful source of entertainment. Apparently.

Regardless…we’ve all been invited to participate in Mr. Orpheus’ future ‘parties’. To be honest, now that I know the truth of the strange events that have been occuring at Oletus Manor, I’m not sure I will return in the future.

But we did all gain one thing. Even if no one wants to admit it, because of Mr. Orpheus’ strange festivities, we did all forge new bonds and…dysfunctional friendships. I suppose I am slightly interested to see what sorts of whimsical, but mostly nonsensical, games Mr. Orpheus and his staff will come up with in the future.

Let's put it this way: if an invitation to another of Baron DeRoss's 'parties' finds its way into my hands, I'll accept. Probably.

Orpheus Party: Identity V - jgwyh32 - 第五人格 (2024)
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