McDonald's Happy Meal Toy in June 2024 - Current Toy Schedule (2024)

byEmily Midgley Last updated: June 7, 2024

Happy Meals, the kids-sized meal that comes with a toy, is a famous offering of the fast food chain McDonald's. The McDonald's Happy Meal toys are constantly rotating, and customers have the opportunity to collect several during the limited time they are offered.

Happy Meals were originally created as a way for kids to have a more enjoyable dining experience with appropriate portion sizes and fun packaging. When they were introduced in 1979, they came in a paperboard box resembling a lunch pail with the iconic McDonald's golden arches as handles in a design similar to what we would recognize today.

Happy Meal Toys are often used to promote films, TV series, games, or brands of toys—some examples of recent Happy Meal toys we've seen include the Disney100 toys, Squishmallows, Adopt Me! toys, and Just Dance! toys. This June, the McDonald's Happy Meal toy for the U.S. promotes a highly anticipated upcoming movie.

Below, we will cover the current McDonald's Happy Meal toys that are available in June 2024 at McDonald's locations in the U.S. and Canada. Be sure to also see our full McDonald's Happy Meal guide that we update with the current U.S. Happy Meal toy each month.

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June 2024 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys U.S.

McDonald's Happy Meal Toy in June 2024 - Current Toy Schedule (1)

The U.S. McDonald's Happy Meals come with a choice of a burger or 4 or 6-piece chicken McNuggets with a side of kids fries, apple slices, a choice of beverage, and a Happy Meal toy.

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toy in June 2024 - Current Toy Schedule (2)

The current Happy Meal toy is for the upcoming Disney-Pixar film Inside Out 2. The sequel to the popular Inside Out will take audiences inside Riley's head as she becomes a teenager and new emotions are introduced. The Happy Meal offering will feature favorites from the first movie like Joy, Sadness, Anger, Fear, and Disgust, as well as new emotions that will be featured in the movie including Ennui, Envy, Anxiety, and Embarrassment.

There are ten different toys that you can get with this Happy Meal offering. The Inside Out 2 McDonald's Happy Meal toys come with a sheet of stickers to decorate the toy and a purple platform you can assemble them on that will launch out discs. You can also find coloring and activity sheets inspired by the film as well as a way to interact with the toy through a game on your mobile device on the Happy Meal website.

See everything you need to know about theInside Out 2 Happy Meal toys including a list of the toys featuring different characters from the movie you can get!

June 2024 McDonald's Happy Meal Toys Canada

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The Canada Happy Meals offers a choice of 4-piece chicken McNuggets, cheeseburger, hamburger, chicken snack wrap with crispy or grilled chicken, or hotcakes that come with a side of pineapple chunks, a yogurt tube, and a drink.

The current Happy Meal toy for Canada is inspired by Wiltopia by Playmobil, a product line made up of over 80% recycled and bio-based materials on average. There are eight different McDonald's Canada Happy Meal toys that are figurines of various animals including the Polar Bear, Lion, Wolf, Orangutan, Hammerhead Shark, Dolphin, Caiman, and Green Sea Turtle. Each toy comes with an info card and a game that you can play on the Happy Meal website on your mobile device by scanning a code.

See the Wiltopia by Playmobil Canada Happy Meal toys below in an Instagram post shared by adoringtinytoys:

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McDonald's Happy Meal Toy in June 2024 - Current Toy Schedule (2024)
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