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101 Dalmatian Streetis an animated television series Based on a pitch by Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti, the Gigglebug Studio Creators, that premiered on Disney Channel in the United Kingdom and Ireland in March 2019. It was later released on Disney+ in the United States and Canada in February 2020. The series made its linear cable debut on Disney XD in the United States in March 2021. A sneak-peek of the series aired in late 2018. The series' soundtrack was released in March 2019.

The series is confirm to be reboot and continue from the 1961 Disney film, 101 Dalmatians. The series takes place nearly sixty years after the events of the original film. The series follows the descendants of the original film's dalmatians and takes place at the titular address in Camden, London.

Shorts based on the series include Gigglebug Guarantee and Animal vs Humans.


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Official synopsis

"[101 Dalmatian Street] depicts the adventures of eldest dalmatian siblings Dylan and Dolly, parents Doug and Delilah, and 97 younger puppies, all with names beginning with "D," who live all by themselves at the titular address."[1]

The new show doesn’t follow the characters we know from the movies. In fact, the creators claim they purposely didn’t watch any of the direct-to DVD sequels, live-action movies or spin-off TV show from the 90’s. The new show takes place in modern London and follows a completely new family of Dalmatians, with Delilah, the mother, being a direct descendant of Pongo and Perdita. Her husband Douglas is an American firefighter dog and one thing they have in common is lots of kids from their previous marriages… 99 in total. - oneofus.net.


101 Dalmatian Street is based on a pitch by Anttu Harlin and Joonas Utti of Finland's Gigglebug Entertainment to Disney's original animation team in London.[2] The team developed the plot with Passion Animation Studios, who produced the series. Animation of the series was done by Atomic Cartoons while series of shorts were produced by Gigglebug. All episodes and shorts were animated with the Toon Boom Animation software.

Miklós Weigert is the chief director of 101 Dalmatian Street, with Maria O'Loughlin as the head writer and Cara Speller as the executive producer.

Creators of the series stated at the Annecy International Animated Film Festival that they only watched the original 1961 film for reference, and not the sequels, live-action films, or the original series.

Confirm also on the Gigglebug entertainment website, for the production of the show, is considered a reboot of a Disney classic. Any previous works for the Disney 101 Dalmatian franchise is no longer considered Canon.

While the series was produced digitally, the characters are designed with a hand-drawn outline, reminiscent to the style of the original film. For some shots, animators had to make the the number of dalmatian puppies over 99.[3]



  • Josh Brener as Dylan
  • Michaela Dietz as Dolly
  • Ella Kenion as Delilah
  • Rhashan Stone as Doug
  • Rhys Isaac-Jones as Dawkins
  • Nefeli Karakosta as Dizzy
  • Florrie Wilkinson as Dee Dee
  • Lauren Donzis as Destiny and Déjà Vu
  • Abigail Zoe Lewis as Dallas
  • Bert Davis as Diesel
  • Akiya Henry as Da Vinci, Roxy, and additional voices
  • Kyle Soller as Dante
  • Nikhil Parmar as Deepak and Prince Corgi
  • Maxwell Apple as DJ
  • Jack Binstead as Delgado
  • Margot Powell as Dorothy and Princess Positron


  • Rocco Wright as the Dimitri Trio
  • Harriet Carmichael as Clarissa, Fetch, and additional voices
  • Conor MacNeill as Fergus
  • Ben Bailey Smith as Sid and Spencer
  • Aimee-Ffion Edwards as Big Fee, Arabella, and Summer
  • Bethan Wright as Prunella
  • Rasmus Hardiker as Hansel
  • Paloma Faith as Portia
  • Tameka Empson as Pearl
  • Rufus Jones as Constantin and Hugo
  • Daniela Denby-Ashe as Snowball
  • Joshua LeClair as Hunter De Vil
  • Michelle Gomez as Cruella De Vil
  • Matt Wilkinson as Mr. Fuzzy
  • Stephen Mangan as Doctor Dave
  • Olly Murs as Spike
  • Tom Haywood as Chips
  • Miriam Margolyes as Bessie


  • Ashton Henry-Reid
  • Caoimhe Judd
  • Charlotte Davis-Black
  • Dino Karakosta
  • Pixie Davies
  • Theo Wilkinson
  • Twinkle Jaiswal
  • Ynez Williams


  • Producer: Karen Doyle
  • Executive producers:
    • Cara Speller
    • Anttu Harlin
  • Music:
    • Rupert Cross
    • Nathan W. Klein
    • Theo Vidgen
  • Film editing:
    • Luis Lazcano
    • Ville Vesterlund
  • Production design: Janne Korsumäki
  • Production manager: Joost Zoetebier
  • Storyboard artist: Luke Allen
  • Background artist: David Alcarria
  • Sound Department:
    • James O'Brien (re-recording mixer, sound design & mix, voiceover recordist, sound design and mix, voice over recording engineer)
    • Petri Matara (sound)
    • Adam Davies (dialogue editor)
  • Visual Effects:
    • Ville Vesterlund (compositor)
  • Animation Department:
    • Marie Ecarlat (character designer)
    • Aya Suzuki (animation director)
    • Janne Korsumäki (layout artist, background painter)
    • Elena Najar Parente (animator)
    • Kaisa Pirttinen (animator)
    • Jasmi Ritola (animator)
    • Janne Roivainen (animator)
    • Mila Anctil (build artist supervisor)
    • Etienne Aubry (animation supervisor)
    • Anna Bernal (background painter)
    • Georgia Cook (assistant character designer)
    • Muhundan Bala (animator)
    • Janne Lehtonen (animator)
    • Meg Park (character designer)
  • Music Department:
    • Air-Edel Recording Studios (musical director)
    • Lindsay Wright (composer's assistant)
  • Other:
    • Anna Bernal (main title design, title designer)
    • Charlene Haywood (production coordinator)
    • Delphi Lythgoe (producer's assistant)
    • David Peaco*ck (voice director in the UK)
    • Sara Jane Sherman (voice director in the USA)

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101 Dalmatian Street (2024)


Why did they cancel 101 Dalmatian Street? ›

In June 2021, a representative of Disney Television Animation News reached out to the producers during Annecy 2021 and announced that Disney cancelled the series after one season due to low ratings in North America. This was also confirmed by series director Miklós Weigert, who had no plans in doing a second season.

Is 101 Dalmatians ok for a 5 year old? ›

However, One Hundred and One Dalmatians contains references to animal cruelty, slapstick violence, and one of Disney's scariest and most iconic villains. It's therefore not suitable for children under 4 years and we recommend parental guidance for children aged 4-5 and/or a sensitive audience.

What happened to Pongo and Perdita in 101 Dalmatian Street? ›

It is unknown if she and Pongo are still alive or not, but given that she lived over 60 years before the start of the series, and considering that the average dalmatian lives up to 14-16 years (a dog's life expectancy is around 15-20 years), it is most likely that she is deceased.

Will 101 Dalmatian Street get a Season 2? ›

The second season of 101 Dalmatian Street was canceled due to low ratings of the first season while it aired on the Disney Channel. There is no sign of the series continuing further.

Why did 101 Dalmatian Street fail? ›

This new cartoon series for the ingenious Disney franchise 101 Dalmatians unfortunately fails a little too much due to the incorporation of modern nonsense, such as cell phones, hipsters and social media. The drawings are really okay, the house design is really well done and the dog characters are by no means bad.

What is the spin off of 101 Dalmatians? ›

Cruella (film)
Based onThe Hundred and One Dalmatians by Dodie Smith
Produced byAndrew Gunn Marc Platt Kristin Burr
StarringEmma Stone Emma Thompson Joel Fry Paul Walter Hauser Emily Beecham Kirby Howell-Baptiste Mark Strong
CinematographyNicolas Karakatsanis
14 more rows

Is 101 Dalmatians G or PG? ›

Parents need to know that Disney's classic puppy tale 101 Dalmatians is rated G but may contain a few disturbing scenes featuring one the studio's vilest villains, Cruella de Vil.

How old is Cruella in 101 Dalmatians? ›

Cruella de Vil Was Around 45 Years Old In 1996's 101 Dalmatians. In the 1996 live-action remake, Cruella de Vil is around 50 years old according to a conversation between Emma Stone and Jenny Beavan, the film's costume designer.

Is Cruella too scary for kids? ›

In addition to the violent and disturbing scenes mentioned above, Cruella has some scenes that could scare or disturb children aged 8-13 years.

How does 101 Dalmatians end? ›

The ending is portrayed as a 'happy' one where Roger and Anita Radcliffe, the human husband and wife protagonists of the story, save all of the Dalmatian puppies and agree to adopt every last one and move to a farm where they can all live happily ever after.

Which puppy almost died in 101 Dalmatians? ›

Lucky is one of Pongo and Perdita's fifteen puppies. He is the puppy who nearly dies soon after his birth in both the animated and live-action films but was revived through the efforts of Roger Radcliffe.

What happened to Cruella at the end of 101 Dalmatians? ›

In the ending, the animated Cruella is chasing the animated puppies down a mineshaft with her car, only to run into lit dynamite, presumably blowing her up.

Who is the oldest in 101 Dalmatian Street? ›

Dalmatian family
  • Dylan (voiced by Josh Brener) is the oldest son in the family and a pedantic control freak who dreams of being the first dog on Mars. ...
  • Dolly (voiced by Michaela Dietz) is the oldest daughter in the family and a rebellious tomboy who tends to have many outlandish ideas that end up causing trouble.

Is 101 Dalmatian Street canon? ›

So, in the "101 Dalmatian Street" Continuity, only the first film is canon!

What breed is Summer from 101 Dalmatian Street? ›

Summer is a Blue Merle Border Collie from Cornwall who prominently appears in the 101 Dalmatian Street special, "A Summer to Remember." In the episode, she meets the Dalmatian family after they arrive to Cornwall for vacation.

Is there really a sequel to 101 Dalmatians? ›

102 Dalmatians (2000)

It is the sequel to the 1996 film 101 Dalmatians and stars Glenn Close reprising her role as Cruella de Vil as she attempts to steal puppies for her "grandest" fur coat yet.

Is 101 Dalmatians controversial? ›

Controversy. Animal rights organizations protested the film's release, saying that Dalmatian sales shot up after the premiere, fueled by impulsive purchases of puppies by parents for their children.

What happened to all the puppies in 101 Dalmatians? ›

It later turns out that Cruella wants to kill them all to use their fur for a spotted fur coat. Perdita and Pongo rescue their fifteen and the other 84 whom they adopt as their children because they don't want them to be killed either.

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